The Hall is a perfect cube, 10m square. For 80 years after the fire, a temporary roof protected it. The effects of weathering can be seen in the walls.

Pictures here include full-length portraits of the Duke of Cumberland and Queen Anne. Furniture is mostly C17th oak. The gilded wood chandelier was made for the room in 1910 and originally piped for gas lighting.


This is the room which was used for dancing and before the fire, it was three smaller rooms.

From the Hall door the main pictures (all family members) can be seen reflected in the looking glasses; on the south wall, the large picture is of George Fox-Lane, 2nd Lord Bingley, in robes as Lord Mayor of York.

The centrepiece is a French dos-à-dos bureau, made for Louis XV. The large covered jars are 18th & 19th century Imari.


This room was the state bedroom and Queen Anne is thought to have slept here when she visited Bramham.

Here family portraits include: George Pitt, Lord Rivers, by T Gooch; Harriet Benson, George Fox-Lane; George Pitt and the present George Lane Fox.

North Room furniture includes the Georgian sideboard, which has been in the House, without break, since before the fire: a Georgian chinoiserie sewing cabinet, slightly singed by the fire, and an 18th century Dutch marquetry bombé chest of drawers. Smaller items of interest include, George Fox Lane’s gaming box.


Pictures include portraits of Mrs George Lane Fox By Grant and George Lane Fox, by Hayter. The greyhounds in the pictures won the two gilt coursing cups on the sideboard, in 1821.

Furniture includes a set of Sheraton dining chairs. On the table is part of the gilt collection of Robert Benson, 1st Lord Bingley, presented to him by Queen Anne when Ambassador to Madrid.


The books in this room include all that remain after the fire of Robert Benson’s original collection, many of them somewhat fire damaged.

Pictures include Lord Rivers Coursing by Agasse; James Fox; coaching scenes by Cooper Henderson; four hunting scenes by Sartorious and one over the fireplace by Walker.