In 2001 The Landscape Agency produced a Landscape Management and Conservation Plan for Bramham.  This was generously grant-aided by English Heritage.

The report consolidates the historical research on the development of the Bramham landscape, identifies why it is important and formulates a plan for its preservation and enhancement.  Until superseded by the second edition, it was an essential handbook for our management of the site and its features.

Click here to read it.  (Note that the maps in the report are reproduced at higher resolution here)

The appendices to the report are:

  1. Contents, Outline Chronology, Bibliography, List of Contemporary Sites, Early C18th Planting in 'Wildernesses'
  2. Archaeology Field Survey
  3. Buildings Condition Survey
  4. List of Costed Proposals
  5. Flora Report
  6. Woodland & Tree Survey

In February 2013 Land Use Consultants completed an update of Bramham's Landscape Conservation & Management Plan. This builds on the Landscape Agency's 2001 plan, reporting on the progress of restoration and making new proposals, some based on newly expounded theories.

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  1. Journal Entries, Articles etc.
  2. Garden Buildings
  3. Archaeology Report
  4. Hydrology Report
  5. Ecology Appraisal
  6. Arboricultural Assessment
  7. Ecological Site Classification Report for Black Fen
  8. Conditions & Proposals 2000
Click here for Appendix 9: The Historic Map Overlays

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