The Gardens

The Bramham Landscape covers 350 hectares or nearly 900 acres of rolling countryside.  Some of it (especially the area in the immediate vicinity of the House) is easily accessible in a vehicle or a wheelchair, but some of it is only passable on foot and includes some steep slopes.

Ground conditions can also play a part: many of our walks are grass and may become soft in wet weather.

Dogs of all sorts are always welcome, but please keep them on a lead at all times.

The House

The ground and principal floors of the House are accessible to wheelchair users (there are ramps and a lift), but you may need to close your eyes as you pass through the "lived-in", family parts of the House.


If you have any doubts about access or special requirements, please telephone us, before your visit, to discuss them.

  • Staircase from the Hall Door

    Staircase from the Hall Door

  • Cascades