Woodland covers 509 hectares of the Estate.  It is managed for a proper balance between timber production, wildlife and amenity.

We employ a full-time forester, who can cope with the woodland maintenance tasks on the Estate.  This includes small thinnings, brashing, planting & protecting, ride & avenue maintenance, roadside clearance and dealing with fallen trees.

For more extensive or specialist forestry operations we call on the services Tilhill, the forestry management and harvesting company .

We aim to use as much of the by-products of timber operations as we can, whether as logs to heat the House or as fencing posts for use on the Estate.

  • Timber Harvester

    Timber Harvester

  • Ride Clearance Near the Obelisk

    Ride Clearance Near the Obelisk

  • Light Through Beeches

    Light Through Beeches

  • Coast Redwood

    Coast Redwood