The Estate's farmland is a mixture of grades 2 & 3.  It is farmed in-hand and by tenants.

The Estate's Home Farm arable operation of 500 ha is farmed in-hand, under a contract farming agreement with a neighbouring farming business, K Walmsley & Son.  It comprises land from Terry Lug, Wothersome, Scarcroft, Holme, Bowcliffe & New York Farms.  The Estate is advised by Smith's Gore Farm Management.

A further 200 ha of permanent grass parks around the House are let on short-term grazing licences for sheep or for silage.

The remainder of the Estate's farmland (and associated farm steadings and houses) is let to 6 farming tenants.  Most of these tenants are the 2nd or 3rd generations of their families to hold the land.  They include arable, potato, beef, dairy, sheep and pig enterprises.