We strive to preserve the irreplaceable natural assets of the landscape under our stewardship.

The 300 year continuity of management and emphasis on the 'look of the place' have both contributed to the unspoilt nature of the Bramham Park Estate.  The Family's management decisions have always been tempered with a keen sense of responsibility for the Estate's natural environment and wildlife.

In spite of lying only 5 miles from the edge of Leeds and having the A1(M) motorway running through it, the Estate is a haven for wildlife.  In addition to the usual foxes, badgers, hares, weasels etc. the Estate is home to an extensive population of roe deer, three breeding pairs of red kites and several breeding pairs of buzzards.  All of these are regularly visible.

The Estate's flora is also important, including typical calcareous grassland plant populations.  Look at the wildflower section to see details.

  • Roe Buck

    Roe Buck

  • Roe Doe & Fawns

    Roe Doe & Fawns

  • Red Kite

    Red Kite